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Our intense involvement with all our patients is visible in what they have to say about us.

Shyam Yadav

Diagnosis : Hypertension, Hypothyroidism, Morbid Obesity

Lost 30 Kg in 5 months

Before : Wight 127 Kg, BMI 43, 37% Body Fat

After : Weight 92 Kg, BMI 30, 32% Body Fat

I weighed over 125 K.G. with 37% body fat. My BMI stood at an abnormal value 43. It hindered me in leading a normal life. Dr Bhavna helped me bring my life back on track and guided me to a healthier lifestyle. She helped reduce my weight by 25% (94 K.G.) and reduced my body fat % significantly (now at 32%). I feel much better about myself now.

Alvira, 33

Diagnosis : Hypertension, Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Before : 10 HBA1C – Diabetes, Insulin 104 units per day

After : 5.7 HBA1C – Normal, Insulin not required anymore

You are a life changer for me Mam. Now a days when doctors look at my current blood test reports they say that my diabetes is reversed. Its only because of you that my blood sugar levels are drastically reduced from 10 HBA1C ( with insulin 104 units per day ) to 5.7 HBA1C without any medication. During my first pregnancy I used to have 150 units of insulin daily and 5 alpha dopa daily. Your diabetic and pregnancy care program helped me manage my critical condition till child birth. Post delivery, following your lactation care and diabetic care programs helped me manage diabetes and reduce weight. As a result, during my second pregnancy I didn’t need any medicine for BP. I only used Metopar after 7th month as precautions. My GTT during pregnancy was also almost normal. ALL THANKS TO U MAM. I WILL BE GRATEFUL TO YOU AND Dr. MRIDULA TYAGI FOR REFERRING ME TO YOU. Thanks once again Mam for providing me this new beautiful life.

Shivani, 16

Diagnosis : Morbid Obesity, Acanthosis Nigricans

Before : 90 kg

After : 60 Kg

I weighed 90 Kgs as of 21st March 2014. I lost 30 kgs in 5 months. Thanks to Dr Bhavna's dedication towards making our lives better.

Deepika Gujral, 29

Diagnosis : PCOS

Lost 17 kg in 5 months

I weighed 82 Kgs at the age of 29. I felt really bad and low on confidence. Dr. Bhavna helped me reduce 17 Kgs and make me feel better. I am happier than ever with a significant glow on my face. Thank you Dr Bhavna.

Anant Singh, 17

Lost 30 kg in 7 months

Thanks to Dr. Bhavna Gandhi for her expert guidance. I lost 30kg in seven months by following healthy lifestyle and balanced nutritional diet. There is increase in height and great inch loss, lots of improvement in skin allergies. I didn't feel any weakness during the diet program either. I thoroughly enjoyed the program.

Anamika Sharma, 26

Diagnosis : Obesity

Lost 16 Kg in 3 months

My weight was 86.5 Kgs. Dr. Bhavna Gandhi helped me reduce 16 Kgs and my waist size was also reduced by many inches. It even solved some of my Gynaecological problems and I feel more energetic now.

Astha Manglik, 26

Diagnosis : Overweight

Dr Bhavna Gandhi has helped me realise a healthy way of living. I didn't realise that a healthy diet changes you not only physically but mentally and spiritually as well. I thought a diet helps you only loose weight, however I observed significant difference in my skin tone and hair texture. I am glad to have come here.


Lost 25 kg in 3 months

I had an accident on a treadmill and hurt my knee. I was advised to go for knee surgery because it could not take my weight (114 kg). I consulted with Dr Bhavna and she helped me bring my weight down to 89 kg in just a matter of 80 days. Now I don't even need to go for the surgery. Dr Bhavna's advise and diet created remarkable impact on my life.


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