Child Nutrition in Meerut -A- CHILDHOOD

‘ Early childhood nutrition is the key to healthy and happy adult ’

Our childhood care program covers children from 1 to 12 years of age. Being the crucial habit-forming stage of an individual’s life disciplined eating habits, nutritionally balanced diet, and regulated exercise regime is even more crucial. Diabetes, Thyroid, and Malnutrition are the most prevalent ailments in children nowadays. With this program, our aim is to not only address the ailment but also to lay a strong foundation of good health and immunity that can help the child with healthy adult life. Santript is one of the best child nutrition in Meerut city that helped 100+ parents in last 1 year.

Santript is helping parents in growing their children through its consultancy for child nutrition in Meerut.

Children are the most sincere, honest, and diligent patients. Some kids are picky eaters. Our meal plans are customized to accommodate such requests in the diet plans in such a way that it makes healthy eating a fun experience using a self-made report card for tracking. The key benefits of this particular program are to:

  • Build your child's immunity

  • Help your child to wean off junk food

  • Build your child's ability to grow

  • Make healthy eating a part of their lifestyle

B- TEEN KID / ADOLESCENT (13-19 YEARS) Best Child Nutrition in Meerut for pediatric care

Adolescence is a transitional stage of physical and psychological development that generally occurs during the period from puberty to legal adulthood. During this age, an individual is riddled with hormonal turmoil which brings numerous physical, psychological, and emotional changes. Add to that peer pressure, need for social acceptance, and rebellious streak. Acne, constipation, anxiety, obesity, and depression are the most common ailments found in this stage.

If you are looking for the best child nutrition in Meerut and want to have a discussion with consultant, we are here to provide all the things.

Best Child Nutrition in Meerut for pediatric care

This is a growth spurt period that cannot be skipped. Being healthy also means having a positive mental attitude and making safe decisions about body and behavior.

In our adolescent care program, we coach the teenagers to take charge of their health and fitness. We educate them on the science of the positive effects of a healthy diet and eating habits on the mind, body, and soul.