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About us

Who are we?

About Santript Nutritionist in Meerut

Contentment in every aspect of life leads to good health. A contended individual lives in alignment with nature with a balanced mind, body, and soul. Hence the name – Santript( means Contended ). Dr. Bhavna Gandhi, a seasoned medical nutrition therapist, started Santript in 2020 with an aspiration of spreading the therapeutic effects of indigenous, traditional, and seasonal food world-wide.

Our vision is to serve globally to promote holistic well-being through nutrition, lifestyle awareness, and education.

Santript is one of the best Weight loss doctor in Meerut and Diabetes management in Meerut for its services. We are providing Child Nutrition in Meerut.

About Dr. Bhavna Gandhi

Dr. Bhavna Gandhi is a consultant nutritionist, clinical dietitian, diabetes educator, naturopath, and a yoga master. She is an eminent scholar and is adored for her out of the box thinking.

She is well known for revolutionizing the diet concept in weight management. Being a firm believer in the idea that medical nutrition therapy is a lifeline for all lifestyle diseases, she has developed special concepts for practical and feasible diets.

She is well-renowned for enteral nutrition and considered Meerut’smost recommended practitioner by pioneer surgeons of all fields for planning RT feed. She is a known dignitary for resurfacing patient’s natural beauty and bringing back the healthy radiance on their face. Throughout her career, she has been associated with Meerut medical circuit.

She is the executive member of the Indian Dietetic Association (IDA, Delhi Chapter) and the only registered dietitian across Western Uttar Pradesh. She is a regular columnist in leading Indian newspapers such as Times of India, Dainik Jagran, etc. She is a passionate researcher and writes research papers at regular intervals. Her work has been published in various journals including the reputed forum Indian National Congress. Her talk shows are a frequent feature on TV channels.

She has been associated with various universities including Meerut University in multiple capacities.

Our consultations

Our consultations go beyond the routine portion control, counting calories and measuring weight loss protocol. Instead, we help you track down your eating habits, fitness, and productivity. As a result, you take control and ownership of what you like to eat and how you like to work out not just for the duration of the program but for life. We will educate you to make intelligent choices about food and exercise, taking into account your lifestyle and fitness goals. We strive to keep you young in your body and sharp in mind.

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